Jirsong Asong is the Social Service Wing of the Diocese of Diphu in Karbi Anglong and North Cachar Hills districts of Assam. Jirsong Asong began its activities on  4th December 1985 under the able leadership of Rt. Rev Mathai Kochuparampil, then Bishop of Diphu. Fr. George Thottankara was the first Director.Jirsong Asong means an ‘Association of  friends’ in the Karbi language. The Visionof Jirsong Asong is to have an educated and self-reliant community based on human values towards realizing a harmonious society based on love, justice, unity and co-operation. The Mission of Jirsong Asong is to uplift the poor and marginalized. To form a value based community through education, awareness building and to empower them by promoting self-reliance through people’s organization on a participatory and sustainable approach.
Since its inception Jirsong Asong grown in a big way under the able and dynamic leadership of Rev. Fr. George Thottankara (1987 – 1991), Rev. Fr. Abraham Kanattu (1991 – 1994), Rev. Fr. Johnson Abraham (1994 – 1999, 2005 – 2006), Rev. Fr. Paul Mattekatt (1999 – 2005) and Rev. Fr. Thomas Mangalassery (2006 - till the date).True to its vision and mission the institution has been working towards transforming the lives of rural communities in Karbi Anglong and North Cachar Hills. Jirsong Asong is involved in carrying out socio – economic development activities focussing on Education. It gives great importance to women’s Empowerment, Health, Youth Development, Economic development through livelihood Generating Activities, Peacebuilding, Disaster Management, Promotion of Cultural and Linguistic Heritage.Since the last few years, Jirsong Asong is  involved in the formation and subsequently the strengthening of 267 Self Help Groups and 32 Pathar Parisalana Samitis (Farmers Groups). Besides this Village Disaster Management Committees were formed in 8 villages and the capacities of the members are being improved. The saga of committed service amidst trying circumstances to a deprived andmarginalized group of people marches on. Jirsong Asong has been a guding star on the horizon.
Postal Address: Post Box No. 17, Diphu, Karbi Anglong Dist., Assam – 782 460
Phone Numbers: (03671) 272444/272552
Fax: (03671) 272551
Email id: jirsongasong@gmail.com
Present Director
Present Asst. Director
Fr. Thomas Mangalassery
Fr. Vinod C. L.

Fr. George Thottankara

Fr. Abraham Kanattu
 (1991 – 1994)

Fr. Johnson Abraham(1994 – 1999, 2005 -2006)

Fr. Paul Mattekatt(1999 – 2005)

Asst. Directors
Fr. Thankachen Joseph
Training of Teachers
Health Camp
Training of farmers
Peace Education for youth
Training SHG members of
Distribution of relief materials
Peace rally by SHG members
Youth Convention (YCS/YSM)

Activities of Self Help Groups

Activities under village disaster management
Activities under Pathar parisalana samitis
Activities under nabard wadi development
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