Good Parish Gunjung
Good Parish Gunjung was established in the year 1998. Dimasa who were once the rulers of Assam are living in N.C.Hills dominantly and in adjacent districts of Cachar and Karbi Anglong. They were out of the purview of the influence of Christian missionaries for the fear of conversion. But seeing the development of many tribes in other places gave way for opening of English medium schools by themselves. It is the drive for education and the tribal identity made them invite the missionaries Besides the Dimasas, in this parish there are Khelma, some Garos, Kukis, Boros, Zeme Nagas and Bengalis.
At Gunjung the local people had opened a school and in 1997 had asked the Salesians at Haflong to run the school. After a year the people of Gunjung wanted the Fathers to live in Gunjung. Since the Salesians did not have enough personnel Most Rev. John Thomas DD, the Bishop of Diphu invited the Jesuits to come and see Gunjung. A team of Fathers comprising Fr. Hector D’Souza SJ, the then Regional Superior of the Jesuits working in the North East saw the area and felt that the Dimasa are in need of education and they became one of our target groups for our work. In 1998 Fr. Charles D’Souza SJ was sent to work here. There aren’t many Catholics among Dimasa. The school was handed over to the Jesuits with 64 students in the enrollment and a place to start the school.  People worked hard along with Fr. Charles to establish the school. People put up a temporary school with bamboo. This is the beginning of the parish here in Gunjung. Seeing the little development in Gunjung many requests came to start schools in other area. Now we have schools in Diyungbra, Dehnagi, Langting, Didambra, Wajao and Hatikalli. This parish was carved out of Haflong and Umrangso in 1998. It consists of 2888 sq kmts. Our work mostly among the Dimasa. Over the years they were Hinduised and Benali became the medium of instruction in most of the government run schools. As a result the pass percentage in this district was very low all these years. Though it is a autonomous district from 1952 by sixth schedule yet it is a long way to see the light and development in any field.
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Normally you find their inhabitants near river. So most of their villages are away from road. They are basically spirit worshippers and hence any good or bad it is always attributed to good or evil spirit. They perform many pujas to propitiate the evil spirit.  Dimasa means the people of big river. Basically jhum cultivators. Therefore they have Bushu as the harvest festival.
Parish Priest
Parish Priest
Parish Priests:
Fr.Charles D’Souza SJ

1998 - 2002

Fr. Arul SJ

2002 -        

Assistant Parish Priests:
Fr. Arul SJ       

2000 - 2002

Fr. Valerian Castelino SJ

2001 –        

Fr. Tej Kumar SJ
2002 – 2003
Fr. Gabriel SJ

2005 – 2006

Fr. Kevin Moktan SJ
2006 – 2007
Fr. Lancy D, Costa SJ
2008 –        
Fr. Paul Raj
2007 –        
Fr. Nilesh Parmar SJ
2007 –        
Fr. Owen C SJ
2008 –        
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Good Shepherd Church,
Gunjung 788 819
Haflong (Via)
North Cachar Hills, Assam

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