Bishop Mathai Kuchuparambil S.D.B.D.D. First Bishop of Diphu (1984 – 1992)
He was born on 24th April 1937 in Kerala. He was ordained a Salesian priest on 20th April 1969. On 6th January 1984 he was consecrated Bishop in Rome and installed as Bishop of Diphu on 4th March 1984. He left for his heavenly reward on 4th March 1992. HE MUST INCREASE AND I MUST DECREASE was his Episcopal motto. His life as Bishop of Diphu is very well summed up in the epitaph on his tomb:

“… you appeared like a meteor
in the North – Eastern skies,
dazzled us by the brilliance of
your performance,

to vanish all too soon from our eyes…

Bishop John Kattrukudiyil D.D. Second Bishop of Diphu (1994 – 2007)
Bishop John Kattrukudiyil was born 18 January 1948 of Thomas and Mary Kattrukudiyil in Kaduvoor, Kerala. After completing his high school studies, he joined Tezpur Diocese to be a missionary priest. He was ordained a priest on 3 February, 1975. He was consecrated Bishop and installed as the Second Bishop of Diphu on 8 September 1994. He was transferred to the newly erected Diocese of Itanagar in December 2005, however, he was appointed as Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese. To love and to serve is his Episcopal motto.True to his motto, he  served the diocese of Diphu well. Seeing the dire need of education, he ventured to open many educational institutions and mission centers. Knowing that people of the Diocese are agriculture- based, he was impelled to open an Agriculture Training School at Manja. Hundreds of Students have already trained from this Training centre and it will always remain one of the greatest contributions of Bishop John Thomas to the Diocese of Diphu. Noticing the many drop-outs from different schools within the diocese, Bishop opened NOS (National Open School) at Diphu. He has also helped hundreds of students to pursue their higher Studies. Jirsong Asong, the Social Service Society of the Diocese of Diphu received a new face under the able guidance of Bishop John Thomas.
Bishop John Moolachira D.D. Third Bishop of Diphu ( 2007 - 2011 )
Bishop John Moolachira was Born on 14th December 1951. He was ordained a priest on 10th October 1978. His Episcopal ordination was on 15th April 2007 at Diphu. Since then he lead the diocese as for 4 years as a good pastor. He gave priority to missionary activity through education, social work and health care.
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