Rt. Rev. Paul Mattekatt D.D.
 (Bishop of Diphu)


The Coat of Arms I have chosen is of the Holy Family. May be this was inspired by my immediate past as Parish Priest at Holy Family Parish, Japrajan. I want to have my Episcopate under the protection of the Holy Family and to indicate that the Diocese should be like the Holy Family united in love for Jesus and united in the same spirit of service for our Diocesan Community. The dove with the olive branch is a symbol of peace that should reign among us priests and religious and among the various ethnic groups in our area. The river Karbilangpi that flows through the Diocese is a symbol of our life that flows not always smooth and quiet, but sometimes with a few twists and turns in the middle of the world which here is represented by the greenery and the forests of the diocese.

The MOTTO I have chosen for my Bishopric is “UT OMNES UNUM SINT” (“That they may be one” Jn. 17:11). This was Jesus’ parting wish and prayer for his apostles and followers. This is the ideal towards which I want to lead my Diocese. We have to transmit the message of love and unity to the various communities present in the Diocese through our effort of witnessing to the Gospel and serving our brothers and sisters. In so doing our diversities will become our asset and our strength. The unity of the Father and the Son has to become a living Model for the Diocese. I also intend that this should be the hall-mark of the priests and the religious communities working in the Diocese.


Born on 1st June 1961
At Thuravoor, Kerala

Studied at

St. Mary’s School, Thuravoor, Kerala
Sacred Heart Orphanage High School, Mookannur
St. Paul’s Minor Seminary, Shillong
Christ King College, Shillong
St. Anthony’s College, Shillong
Jnana Deepa Vidyapeeth, Pune
Urbanian University, Rome

Ordained Priest on 31 December 1988

Priestly Ministry

Asst. Parish Priest: Holy Family Japrajan (April 1989 - March 1991)
Secretary to Bishop and Chancellor: (April 1991 - June 1996)
Studies at Rome: (June 1996 - December 1999)
Financial Administrator and Director of Social Works:
(December 1999 - May 2005)
Assistant Parish Priest : Krist Jyoti Parish, Dokmoka :
(October 2005 - December 2007)
Parish Priest: Holy Family Parish, Japrajan:
(January 2008 - 30 September 2013)

Appointed Bishop of Diphu:
26 July 2013

Episcopal Ordination and Installation:
6 October 2013


Diphu Diocese, Copyright@2008
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